Finex Team and DHY Realty Company Join Hands for Exclusive Will Writing Event


Author Updated on: February 28, 2024

Taman Melawati, Selangor (28th October 2023) – In a bid to provide essential legal assistance and ensure the financial security of their valued clients, FINEX & CO Legacy Advisory has joined forces with DHY Realty Company to host an exclusive Will Writing Event at the prestigious 19 Trees Sales Gallery on October 28th, 2023

The event, organized by FINEX & CO Legacy Advisory, a leading financial advisory firm, and sponsored by DHY Realty Company, a prominent real estate entity, aims to educate and assist participants in drafting their wills, ensuring that their assets and estates are distributed according to their wishes.

The event has generated substantial interest within the community, with all available seats swiftly taken. In response to the overwhelming demand, the organizers have announced that only the first 20 registrants will receive a free will writing package, making it an invaluable opportunity for those looking to safeguard their family’s financial future.

Will writing is a crucial legal process that often gets overlooked. By participating in this event, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their unique circumstances with experienced legal professionals, who will guide them through the process and ensure that their wishes are documented in a legally-binding will.

The 19 Trees Sales Gallery, known for its luxurious surroundings and remarkable architecture, provides an ideal setting for this event. Participants can expect a comfortable and informative session in an elegant atmosphere, ensuring they can focus on their financial planning with the utmost peace of mind.

The event will feature expert speakers from FINEX & CO Legacy Advisory and DHY Realty Company, who will share their knowledge and insights about the importance of wills, estate planning, and the legal aspects of asset distribution. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized advice.

“This event represents a unique collaboration between financial and real estate experts to empower individuals in planning for the future,” said [Emmeline Lee], a representative from FINEX & CO Legacy Advisory. “A properly drafted will can bring peace of mind and security to families, and we’re excited to help our community take this crucial step.”

As a sign of their commitment to the community, DHY Realty, known for its community-oriented approach, has sponsored this event to support their clients’ well-being. “We are thrilled to be part of this initiative, and we look forward to providing attendees with valuable insights and support for securing their assets,” said [Jeremy Mau] from DHY Realty Company.

For those who secured a spot at this highly anticipated event, it promises to be an educational and empowering experience. For those who missed out this time, FINEX & CO Legacy Advisory and DHY Realty Company are exploring options to host similar events in the future, reflecting their dedication to the financial well-being of their clients and the broader community.

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